New Developments

Planning a New Development?
Welcome, we look forward to working with you! Loudon Utilities regulates and monitors the installation of all new water and wastewater lines within its boundaries. Our engineers will work with you to make sure your project has the necessary water supply and sewer capabilities and to ensure Loudon Utilities’ standards are met. Involving us at the beginning of your project can help you avoid unnecessary delays later.

The Process for New Service to Development(s)
After you reach out and receive confirmation of our ability to service your development, you can submit a record drawings and fire flow test request. All new developments are required to submit the Industrial User Survey. Submittal of final construction plans to Loudon Utilities must be accompanied by a completed water and sewer checklist. Each box must be checked as complete or N/A if not applicable. Boxes checked with N/A shall have written justification.

Record Drawings and Fire Flow Test Request
New Development Water Checklist
New Development Sewer Checklist
Sewer Use Ordinance
Industrial User Survey
Cross-Connection Control